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Red Shoe Shuffle
5K Race & Walk

THANKS to all our family – the participants, sponsors, donors, and volunteers, the 2015 Red Shoe Shuffle was an amazing reflection of our Community at work! Please check back this fall for details about the 2016 race.

I’m just sitting back reflecting on Sunday’s Red Shoe Shuffle. There were two thousand plus people ether running walking or being pushed in an oversized stroller by Athletes Serving Athletes.  I was so happy and proud to be part of such a great event and it made me smile when they had a moment of silence and then a big group hug in memory of the children that got their angel wings, including my Malachi.  The Baltimore Ronald McDonald House was my home for over 8 years and continues to be a great sense of support to my family.  I will forever be grateful to my RMH family.  We are one big global family and it is truly the House the Love Built. – Melissa (Malachi’s Mom)